Bowler of the Year Tournament

2017 Bowler of the Year Tournament

**ONE DAY ONLY: FRIDAY, MAY 12, 2017 @ 7:00pm**

Tournament is limited to 240 Bowlers: 160 men & 80 women (5 per lane x 48 lanes)

Limited space, sign up ASAP. Don’t be shutout! This is an invitation only tournament for Stardust III league bowlers

What can you win?

  • 1st place male will win $500 AND FREE LEAGUE LINEAGE for bowling in the 2017-2018 season in any one league at Stardust Bowl III (about a $400 value)
  • 1st place female will win $500 AND FREE LEAGUE LINEAGE for bowling in the 2017-2018 season in any one league at Stardust Bowl III (about a $400 value)
  • Cash prizes will be awarded depending on the number of entries & on the place you finish.
  • Optional side pots, brackets, and raffles will be available.

Rules on eligibility, entry fees, and discounts off your entry fee. 

  • $25 Entry: Open to anyone bowling in a fall league at Stardust Bowl III* The more leagues you bowl, the more chances you have to get a discount on your entry.
  • $15 Entry: Highest scratch & handicap Series (Male & Female) for a week in your league
  • $10 Entry: The King & Queen bowlers of the week (Male & Female) with the highest scratch series out of all the leagues each week.
  • $5 Entry: Award score games of 290-300 & 800+ Series
  • *Games Eligibility: Bowlers must have a combined 21 games or more in any fall leagues at Stardust Bowl III. If you do not have an accumulative 21 games in any/all of our leagues, you are not eligible to bowl this tournament.
  • Average & Handicap: Handicap for Men will be 80% of 230 and Women will be 80% of 210. This will be based off of the highest average with 21 games or more in any Stardust Bowl III fall league. If you bowl multiple leagues and have to combine games to reach 21, we will take your composite average of all leagues bowled.

Tournament format

  • ONE DAY EVENT: Limited to the first 240 bowlers (160 Men & 80 Women) pre-pay sign ups. They will bowl 3 games. After 3 games the top 16 men & top 8 women will roll off in a 1 on 1 single elimination 1 game handicap matchplay: Winners advance, losers are done. ALL PRIZE MONEY PAID OUT THIS NIGHT

All decisions made final by the tournament director. Rules subject to change within the best interest of the tournament.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions; feel free to contact us at

2016-2017  Current Kings & Queens

KING Series League QUEEN Series League
Bob Kammer, Jr. 738 Friday Mixups Jackie Graan 604 Friday Mixups
Greg Steapleton 824 Friday Mixups Allison Sellers 691 Friday Mixups
Kevin Murphy 738 Wednesday Men Jackie Graan 659 Thursday Stars
Jeff Snuffer 729 Friday Mixups Linda Grentzer 646 Wednesday Ladies
Ron Johnson, Jr. 752 Thurs. Men Allison Sellers 689 Friday Mixups
Bill Springer 783 Thurs. Men Jackie Graan 706 Thursday Stars
Jeff Snuffer 774 Friday Mixups Jackie Graan 663 Monday Mixed
John Lubash 763 Friday Mixups Leanne Witulski 663 Thursday Stars
Jim Gutierrez 751 Wednesday Men Amy Wierzbicki 687 Friday Mixups
Bob Kammer, Jr. 758 Friday Mixups Jackie Graan 705 Thursday Stars
Curt Jensen 773 Thurs. Men Jackie Graan 695 Friday Mixups
Jim Gutierrez 821 Friday Mixups Brenda Podkul 673 Friday Mixups
Curt Graan 762 Monday Mixed Jackie Graan 679 Friday Mixups
Scott Verhoeve 768 Thurs. Men Jackie Graan 733 Monday Mixed
Steve Herr 805 Tuesday Men Jackie Graan 769 Friday Mixups
Jerry Brann 794 Friday Mixups  Allison Sellers & Dana Maul 654 Friday Mixups
Joe Trichak 782 Wednesday Men Jackie Graan 660 Monday Mixed
John Lubash 761 Friday Mixups Jackie Graan 692 Thursday Stars
Bob Palinski 801 Thurs. Men Jennifer Thrall 673 Monday Mixed
Matt Reihel 822 Thurs. Men Allison Sellers 745 Friday Mixups
Tom Kotul, Jr. 788 Thurs. Men Jackie Graan 769 Thursday Stars
Richard Sanders 771 Friday Mixups Holly Siefers 761 Thursday Stars
Shaun Stok 806 Thurs. Men Kathi Tucker 692 Friday Mixups
Curt Jensen 826 Thurs. Men Jackie Graan 698 Monday Mixed
Steve Degrauwe 778 St. Maria Goretti Dana Maul 696 Thursday Stars
AJ Flores 783 Friday Mixups Dana Maul 703 Thursday Stars
Rob Cuthbert 770 Thurs. Men Holly Siefers 700 Thursday Stars
Craig Knor 776 Monday Mixed Jheri Anderson 693 Hegewisch Mixed